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Filmmaker Dana Trometer runs Tarmak Media with her husband the cinematographer Eric Trometer. The company is based in Central London and is winning lots of fans with its move into providing online content and films for the web.

FCO: You’ve been living and working in the UK for 11 years now, how has that helped you forge your filmmaking career?

Dana Trometer: Basically it was a massive help. I studied communication and arts at the Lebanese American University of Beirut and wrote a thesis on theatre and film but I always wanted to come to Britain and study documentary because I wanted to become a good documentary maker. My father was a British national – he had to move from Lebanon during the war in the 1970s and never came back so I really wanted to live with him. He was a very political cartoonist and worked for the Observer and a lot of British magazines so he was bridging our two cultures by using his art.

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